Personal Training

One on One attention, focusing on your personal goals . The sessions are 60 mins and are uniquely  geared towards each individual client. I offer a multitude of programs for all fitness levels. We always start with a fitness assessment, this gives me the information I need to program each individual correctly.


Corrective Exercise

Flexibility Specialist

We focus on muscle imbalances and train to restore efficient techniques in every day functional movement patterns. We focus  on posture and alignment, strengthening key muscles in order to maintain and restore the imbalances of daily living. Working on increasing range of motion with flexibility training, we can change the way you move and decrease chronic pain. I give clients techniques they can use at home on a daily basis. 




'A method of Yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath". All beginners are welcome to practice and learn the movements. We also will learn how to breath with each movement and use breathing techniqes in order to make movement more accessible.





Restorative Yoga centers the mind and body. It contains gentle movements which uses props to assist with each posture.. This allows for the posture to be held for an extended period of time. While holding the posture we can focus our awareness on the breath.

New York, N.Y.